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Learning to Let Go

Life isn’t always easy and from time to time all we need something to hold on to, but that thing should never be the treadmill! This might not seem like such a faux pas, but holding on to the railings of the treadmill is one of the biggest and most common gym mistakes. Though it may feel as if holding on to the treadmill is helping your workout by allowing you to go at a faster speed or for a longer amount of time; the negative side effects as well as the positive ones from not holding on easily take the victory in this argument.


One of the most notable and easily observable issues when holding onto the treadmill is a person’s posture. Your posture when you are running, jogging and even walking is very important. And holding onto the treadmill during your workout can wreak havoc! When you hold onto the treadmill you shift a lot of your weight to unnatural places when compared to normal walking and running and this can cause unnecessary stress on your back, knees, and hips. It can also cause issues with your spinal alignment as well as make you more at risk for strain injuries.


Another downside to hanging on to the treadmill during your workout is that you lose out on the muscle activation you would normally have while running, jogging or walking. By holding onto the treadmill, you are taking the weight off of your legs and they no longer experience the weigh bearing exercise that is normally provided during the workout. By running, jogging or walking with the proper form and posture you stabilize your spine and strengthen your core muscles.

Caloric Burn

In addition to these downsides, there is also the fact that by holding on to the treadmill during a workout you are effectively reducing your caloric burn. Most people use the treadmill to help lose weight and maintain weight loss and holding on to the treadmill is not helping their cause!

So next time you’re on the treadmill and feeling like you need some help, instead of grabbing ahold of the treadmill, lower your speed and focus on your posture and keeping your core tight. This will ensure that you are getting the most out of your workout in a safe way!

By: Justine Bronson


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