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Simple Substitution for Healthy Eating!

Many people carry on with their day to day lives not
worrying about every little thing that enters their mouth. However what
individuals do not realize is that if they replace certain foods that are
common in a person’s everyday diet with a healthy alternative, then they can
cut back on the calories they consume each day as well as eat something that
can be beneficial to their health.

Below is a list of healthy
alternatives to foods commonly eaten on a daily basis:

EAT THIS                                                                                             NOT THAT


Dark chocolate (contains antioxidants                                  Milk Chocolate
chocolate that fight free radicals)


Whole wheat or whole grain bread (since whole                White Bread
wheat or whole grain bread is unprocessed unlikethat
of white bread, it actually takes more energy to digest it)


Vinegar dressing                                                                    Creamy Salad dressing

Sparkling water (by adding a few drops                                 Soda
of lemon or limejuice, you can create a flavorful
and healthier alternative to soda)

Herbs and Spices                                                                     Salt

Whole milk                                                                                Reduced fat milk or Organic milk

Cookie                                                                                          Piece of fruit

Beer                                                                                           Glass of red wine

Cream based chip dips                                                          Salsa

Brown rice                                                                                 White rice

Frozen-yogurt                                                                          Ice cream

Hand full of almonds                                                            Hand full of m&ms                            


by: Heather Coffman


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