Best and Worst Health Trends of 2013

Best and Worst Health Trends of 2013
By: Tatiana Mamola

Each year we see new trends in the fitness industry. Some of them stick around, while others last only a few months. The following are the best and worst health trends of this year.


1. Water Workouts
Whatever the workout may be, from yoga to cycling, it can now probably be done in the water. By performing these exercises in the water you can eliminate joint pain and impact of many exercises while adding all-over resistance for greater strength and weight-loss gains.

2. Fun Runs
Whether you are running through mud, obstacles or foam colored powder the main objective is to have fun. There has been an increase in interest and participation in these types of events this year.

3. Going Vegan
According to a review in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, vegans tend to be thinner and have lower cholesterol and blood pressure than omnivores and vegetarians. There has been an overall increase in people turning towards this lifestyle this year.

4. Hybrid Yoga
A combination of yoga with ropes, hula-hoops, kickboxing and even trampolines has made its way into the yoga studios this year. By integrating these other movements, you can train a wider variety of muscles for a better total body workout.

5. Bike Sharing Programs
Now in numerous cities, there are bike stations that you can borrow bikes from. Not only can this save you time traveling from place to place, but it also gives you a great workout.


1. Open Bar Gyms
There have been an increasing number of gyms that are serving alcohol as their post workout beverage. After completing the workout, the members get an all-you-can-drink pass. This is not healthy or beneficial to your body in the least because your muscles are drained of glycogen; which is needed to repair your muscles after a workout.

2. The Whole30 Diet
This is an even stricter version of the Paleo Diet. The Whole30 Diets is a month long program that prohibits the consumption of legumes, whole grains, calcium, dairy, coffee, alcohol and honey. Basically it is a strict diet of only plants and meats. While it does promote weight loss, after the month ends people end up gaining more weight and it is typically 100% fat.

3. Going Gluten Free for No Reason
About 1 in 3 Americans are cutting down or eliminating gluten completely from their diets. Gluten free foods aren’t automatically better for you and a lot of them can actually make you gain weight. When food manufacturers remove gluten, they add in fat and sugar to help the food maintain its shape. If you don’t have celiac disease or gluten intolerance, then a gluten-free diet has no benefit for you and can actually be harming gut health.

4. Vibration machines
This year the introduction of a pulsating platform to help tone muscles, boost metabolism and reduce cellulite was introduced. However, in one International Journal of Sports Medicine study, women who completed 24 weeks of whole-body vibration training did not lose fat.

5. The Bulletproof Diet
This is a great example of why you should research into who’s behind your eating plan. This diet plan wasn’t created by a doctor or nutritionist, but a Silicon Valley investor and computer security professional who lost more than 100 pounds, according to the diet’s website. While the story is inspiring, it does not provide solid scientific evidence to support eating 4,000+ calories a day, not exercise and scoop butter into your morning coffee. If something sounds too good, chances are it probably is.

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