The Five Day Challenge

This is a unique challenge for those who want to make their week less stressful and more fulfilling. Even if you have a schedule that suits you, these small improvements can do wonders to your quality of life while redefining your physical and mental health. I strongly recommend giving it a try.


1. Practice Yoga In The Morning

For the five-day challenge, do a 10 to 15 minute yoga routine after waking up. If you have never done yoga, do not worry. Erin Motz is an excellent instructor into the relaxing and fulfilling practice.

-Monday: Yoga Workout for Posture

-Tuesday: Yoga Workout for Abs

-Wednesday: Yoga for Wrists and Hands

-Thursday: Sun Salutation Yoga Flow

-Friday: Full Body Yoga



2. Write For Ten Minutes Before Work

Writing is a very therapeutic and useful act. Writing for just 10 minutes in the morning will help you clear your mind of useless thoughts and set goals for the new day.  This time isn’t for “diary” writing — that comes in the evening.  This time is for you to do one of the following:

-Read a motivational article, enlightening article, or poem, and copy down the parts that inspire you.

-Set a daily goal you can realistically achieve and take notes on how it will bring you closer to achieving your long-term goals.


3. Take A Midday Break

If you work from morning to evening without taking a break, you’re hurting your physical health, quality of work and productivity. We’re not machines — we’re humans — and, therefore, need to take breaks from persistent work.  Forgetting about work for a little during the day will reduce stress and make you more productive.

-Take a brisk walk outside.

-Kick around a soccer ball or throw a football outside with some co-workers.

-Eat lunch with your friends and talk about things unrelated to work, or eat lunch with someone new.

-Call your significant other, say you’re thinking of him or her, build up excitement for the evening.


4. Exercise After Work

Taking thirty minutes or less to get your blood pumping before settling in for the evening can make your nights that much more enjoyable.  It will push out all the stale air stuck in your lungs, relieve stress, and separate your mind from your workday.

  • Here is a recommended workout schedule for the five day challenge, compliments of Coach Kozak:

 -Monday: HASFit Body Weight Workout #1

-Tuesday: HASFit MMA Workout #1

-Wednesday: HASFit Six-Minute Ab Workout

-Thursday: HASFit Body Weight Workout #2

-Friday: HASFit MMA Workout #2


5. Drink Tea And Write Before Bed

The combination of hot, non-caffeinated tea and the therapeutic act of writing is one of the greatest ways to clear your mind before bed.  The tea warms your muscles, opens up your blood vessels and helps you think clearly.

  • Teavana is an excellent brand. I’m a big fan of chamomile and cinnamon, but I encourage you to explore.
  • Some Ideas for your writing;

-Write down five things you’re grateful for.

-Write a short letter to someone you appreciate.  (Handwrite it and mail it the next day.)

-Write about a specific goal you achieved that day (how you did it, how it brings you closer to your BIG goal, why it’s important to keep completing small, specific goals, etc.).

-Write with compassion about someone you feel anger, love, or frustration towards.


By: Gavin Ajami


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