Cardio vs. Strength Training for Weight Loss

Cardio vs. Strength Training for Weight Loss

By: Tatiana Mamola

                While a good strategy to exercise is mixing up your routine, there are some forms of exercise that burn more calories than others. In a recent study done by Duke University Medical Center, three groups were tested: a cardio group, a weight-lifting group and a group with both cardio and weights (who worked out twice as long as the other two groups). In this study, the cardio group who worked out on mainly the elliptical and treadmill lost an equal amount of weight and fat as the cardio plus weights group and in a shorter amount of time.

However, these results don’t mean that you should only do cardio and ditch the strength training. When you build muscle, you increase your metabolic rate and burn more calories even as you sleep. Therefore, strength training is best for long-term weight loss and maintenance. I believe you will see the best results by incorporating both strength and cardio into your exercise routine.

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