Holiday Hunger

The month of November is full of holidays and homecoming, but don’t overlook your health! Kim Krisberg’s article “Making Health a Holiday Tradition, any time of year” has tips on surviving this season of sugar overload. To ward of weight, she suggests eating a light snack before arriving at holiday gathering. This will deter you from overeating due to hunger at parties. To really prevent the consumption of extra calories at parties, you can even drink a few glasses of water instead of having a snack before arriving. The water will create a sensation of feeling full and then you can guiltlessly indulge in small samples of all the great spread available. Additionally if you are hosting, especially if your gathered around a TV for football games, keep portion sizes smaller by setting out small bowls instead of eating directing from the bags. This will prevent mindless over consumption so you can fully focus on the game and not worry about how many chips you just ate. As the host you even have control over what type of food to present. If you know your friends are having the same holiday weight struggles, support them and help yourself by providing healthy snacks. Crunchy carrots and hummus are a great alternative to chips and salsa. Lastly, Kim pointed to the importance of exercise to work off extra calories obtained and maintain good fitness. We know you all do great at living out this tip because we love seeing your smiling faces at the gym. Having a gym accountability partner is a great way to encourage one another and make sure you don’t skip out on exercise as the holiday season approaches. Keep on coming and celebrate the holiday season in a healthy way with Living Well.

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