Exercise Myths

5 Exercise Myths Busted

By: Tatiana Mamola

            There are so many beliefs people have about exercise and fitness, but not all of them are true. The following are some of the top fitness myths along with the truth about them:

1.      Stretching Before a Workout Prevents Pulling Muscles

While stretching before exercise does get the blood flowing to the muscles and ensures that the muscles are ready to work, it does not prevent pulling muscles. Proper form and technique are what actually helps prevent injuries.

 2.      Sports Drinks Are Good For You After Exercise

Sports drinks are only beneficial if you are doing more than 60-90 minutes of exercise; otherwise all they are is sugary sodium water and are high in calories.

3.      Protein Bars and Shakes Are the Best Nutrition Sources

While protein bars and shakes are extremely high in protein, they are usually high in sugar and calories as well. Surprisingly, you can compare most of them to be more like a candy bar. It is better to get your protein from natural sources.

4.      Women Shouldn’t Lift Weights

Actually, women should lift weights. Weight-lifting helps tone muscle, burn fat and keep the total body from wearing out.

5.      The Scale is Your Sign of Progress

The best thing you can do with your scale is burn it. The only thing your scale tells you is how much your total weight is, it does not take into account how much is lean muscle mass. If you want to determine your progress you should get a tape measure and see how many inches you are losing.


Source: fitday.com




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