Spice Up Your Cardio

Lets face it, running on the treadmill everyday can get monotonous. Looking for new and exciting ways to get your usual dose of cardio in each day can seem difficult but here is your answer: Take it back to your childhood and jump some rope! Sources online say jumping rope can even burn more calories than jogging and running. Jumping rope helps improve cardiovascular fitness while adding awesome definition to your legs and lower body. So next time you’re at the gym

If you’re new to jumping rope or haven’t done it in a while, here are some reminders:

  • Jump on the balls of your feet, not your toes
  • Do not try to jump high. Instead, work on only jumping about an inch off the ground
  • Use the correct rope length for your height
  • Position your hands slightly above your waist and about 12 inches from your body
  • Use your wrists to turn the rope instead of moving your whole arm
  • Jump at a rhythm (or to a good song!)
  • Practice Practice Practice!

Written by: Alyssa Wozniak



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