Exercises to Prevent Shin Splints

Exercises to Help Prevent Shin Splints

By: Tatiana Mamola

            If you are a runner, you may be familiar with shin splints. Shin splints are extremely painful and cause great discomfort in the front of your lower legs. For most people, icing and taking pain relievers only causes temporary relief. Sometimes strengthening the area is the most effective way to heal and prevent shin splints. The following are a few strengthening exercises that may help shin splints from reoccurring:

  1. Heel Walking: Walk across the room on your heels 2-3 times a day. Gradually build repetitions. You should be able to feel this in your heels.
  2. Alphabet: While sitting or standing, lift your foot off the ground slightly and then trace the alphabet with your toes. Repeat on the opposite foot.
  3. Point and Flex: Flex and point your toes anytime you are seated.



*Source: http://blog.gaiam.com/3-exercises-to-shoo-away-shin-splints/

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