EMT 8/27

Core and Stretch 8/26/13

Hi! Great workout today, tomorrow will be a little easier. We would like you to focus on core and stretching tomorrow, really make sure to loosen up the hips and legs for Wednesday 🙂


Heel taps- 25 each side/3 rounds: lie on the floor in glute bridge position, tap tip of fingers to heel

Scissor kicks: 30 seconds /3 rounds

Prone Cobra- 10 reps : Lie on stomach, squeeze glutes and raise shoulders

Cross body sit up- Lie on the floor with legs open, sit up and reach arm to opposite leg

Plank – 30/45/60 seconds (increase each round)

Crunches- 20 crunches/ 2 rounds



Childs pose

Downward dog

Use foam roller to open chest – lie on it with the roller parallel with your spine

Side Reach

Use band to stretch legs

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