Single Arm Low Pulley Triceps Kickback

Single Arm Low Pulley Triceps Kickback

• Set one side of the cable crossover machine to its lowest setting from the ground and attach the handle grip attachment to the cable.
• Step forward with the foot opposite of the triceps that you are working and lean forward so that you are just above parallel with the ground.
• Hold the handle grip attachment with a reverse grip (palms facing forward), and move the upper arm to its starting position.
– The upper arm should be parallel to the ground and the elbow should be close to the side of the body. (Don’t let the elbow flail out.)
• While keeping the upper arm in the same starting position, move the forearm only at the elbow joint and pull the cable back until the arm is straight.
• Slowly move back to the starting position.

Works the Triceps

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