The Importance of Core Training

When most people hear the term core training, they think of flat stomachs and six pack abs. While these can be a result of core training, its benefits are far more important than just simple aesthetics.

Core training is an important part of any balanced fitness routine. It works the muscles in the pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen. These muscles are involved in many of the exercises and and sports-specific movements that people perform. Also, strengthening the core can improve balance and posture, aw well as reduce lower back pain.

Here are some simple core exercises that can be incorporated into a workout, and even be performed at home.


Lay face down, holding your body up with your forearms and your toes on the ground. Keep your body straight. Do not let your back sag or your hips arch up. Hold for as long as you can.

Banana Hold

Lie on your back and bend at your waist as you extend your legs in to the air and  raise your arms, forming the shape of a banana. Hold this position for as long as you can.

Russian Twist

Sit on the the ground your legs in front of you, knees bent at a 90 degree angle, and your feet off the ground. With your hips at a 90 degree angle, twist your torso from side to side. Hold a weight in front of your chest to increase the intensity.

Lying Steam Engine

Lay flat on your back. Put your hands beside your head and your elbows out. While keeping your shoulders off the ground, Bring your right knee to your chest. At the same time, Bring your left elbow to your right knee. Now repeat the same with your right elbow and your left knee. Keep alternating these movements for the duration. 

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