Spotting while Weight Training

Spotting is providing assistance and motivation to an individual while they are weight training. When done correctly, spotting can provide a degree of safety while training, while also helping an individual push themselves further than they could without a spotter.

A spotter’s role is to provide minimal assistance during the last few repetitions of an exercise. It is important to provide only the minimum amount of force necessary to help the training individual finish the set, otherwise, he or she may not gain the full benefits from the workout. The spotter should only take control of the weight when the individual is failing to move the weight and safety becomes a concern.

When finding a spotter, or being a spotter yourself, several characteristics are important. A spotter should be trustworthy. He or she must be attentive and know when and how to provide assistance.A spotter should be strong enough to handle the training weight should they need to take control of it for safety reasons. He or she should be able to communicate and be able to motivate someone who is training to the end of his or her set.

Remember this infomation in your wieght training, whether you or spotting or being spotted, so that you may train both safely and efficiently.

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