Can’t Gym? No Worries!


You have all heard of the workout routines that seem to make working out a bit easier to complete and far more accessible. But for the most part, you do not actually hold yourselves accountable for working out no matter how beneficial it is to your health. You either get caught up with the family or in a television show and end up avoiding exercise as a whole. But with the incorporation of just a couple simple remedies to this problem you can complete simple exercises during leisure time to ensure a healthier lifestyle and enjoy the benefits of exercise on the body.

1.       Use Commercials.

Commercials are an easy way to use time in an efficient manner. Everyone has their favorite shows that they watch religiously on its given night. You can use these favorite shows to get yourself into better shape. You should utilize commercial time as time to complete a set of body weight exercises such as squats, lunges, push-ups or planks. Once the set is completed you can go back to the comfort of your couch for the next portion of your show. With several commercial breaks you can end up actually getting a decent workout in over the period their show. A specific exercise that you can complete that gets your whole body involved is burpees with a jump. Complete 10 burpees every commercial break and enjoy the benefits of cardio and strengthening of your chest, legs, arms, and core.

2.       Wash your car more often.

If you were to wash our cars once a week, you would be burning an additional 400 calories a week. Washing your car also involves water which can be used to cool you down which in turn keeps you a bit more comfortable during your “exercise.”

3.       Stand up while at work.

Stand up for a half hour a couple times throughout your workday. It burns more calories and strengthens your legs far more than sitting. However if you must sit, use a stability ball. This does wonders for your balance and improves posture and core strength.


So don’t just sit around being inefficient with your time. Use tips such as these and stay or get healthier. These are simple changes one can make throughout the day to ensure a better lifestyle.

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