How to Beat the Heat…


How to Beat the Heat

July was the hottest month ever recorded in the continental United States, and living in Florida, we are exposed to some of the hottest and most humid weather in the country. It is important to follow these tips and pay attention to warning signs when exercising outside to avoid any heat-related illness.

How Heat Affects Your Body

  • When combined, exercise and high air temperatures put increased stress on your body and increase your core body temperature.
  • Humidity adds to this stress because the water in the air prevents sweat from effectively evaporating from your skin, which further elevates your core body temperature.

Heat-Related Illnesses

  • Heat cramps: painful muscle contractions that may feel firm to touch, core temperature may be normal
  • Heat Exhaustion: core body temperature raises as high as 104˚; symptoms include nausea, headache, fainting, cold and clammy skin, may lead to heat stroke
  • Heat Stroke: life-threatening condition, body temperature is above 104˚; immediate medical attention is required

How to Avoid Heat-Related Illness

  • Watch the temperature:
    • Pay attention to weather forecasts and heat alerts
  • Drink plenty of fluids:
    • Drink plenty of water before and during exercise
    • Replenish your body with a sports drink (ex. Gatorade) after workouts to replace the sodium lost from sweat
  • Know your fitness level:
    • If you are new to exercise, your body may have a lower heat tolerance
    • Take frequent breaks and reduce intensity
  • Dress appropriately:
    • Wear lightweight, loose-fitting clothing
    • Avoid dark colors that absorb sunlight
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