No More Excuses! How to Exercise At Home


Everyone has heard that 30 minutes a day of physical activity helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Unfortunately, many people are not able to complete half an hour of exercise due to not having enough time in their day to do everything they need to do.  Some claim they have trouble making it to the gym on a daily basis or don’t have a chunk of time in their day available to spend at the gym.  A simple solution for this problem is to bring the gym to your home!  No, not by purchasing a bunch of heavy equipment, but by simply finding ways to incorporate exercise into your schedule from the convenience of your own home.  That way if you only have 15 minutes of free time while you are waiting for your favorite television show to come on, you can squeeze in a short workout!  Here are some ways that you can stay in shape at home:

-Use what is around you: bottles of laundry detergent, empty water bottles filled with sand, soup cans, or any other heavy objects around your house make great weights for lifting or bicep curls

-Use a towel: if you have wood or laminate flooring in your home, you can place a towel on the floor to use as a mat while doing sit-ups or crunches to make for a more cushioned surface.  A towel can also be used in place of an exercise band.  While lying on the floor, loop a rolled up towel behind one ankle, grab the towel at both ends, and pull your leg towards your chest.

-If you live in a house with stairs, use them in place of a stair stepper at the gym by going up and down them a few times.  If you do not have stairs in your home but still want to get a good cardio workout, simply step outside your front door and go for a walk, jog, or run around your neighborhood.

-Paper plates: these can be used in place of gliders at the gym. For example, if you want to target your quads, place a paper plate under your right foot and then slide your right foot backwards into a lunge.  Performing simple exercises with gliders (paper plates) adds an extra dimension to your workout routine.

-Soccer ball and basketball: place a soccer ball or basketball under one or both of your hands as you perform pushups; this works your core 20% more than when you simply do them level on the floor.

If you are unsure of what exercises to do, don’t be afraid to do a little research!  The internet has many websites that will guide you through different stretches and exercises with step-by-step instructions along the way.

By Jennifer Duncanson

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    • July 24th, 2012

    Thanks for this article! I too am one of those that just workout at home. It’s good to have a source of workout videos to have on hand. I’ve gotten great results based on the “Insanity” videos, mixed with power yoga workouts by Mark Gonzales (

    Anyone have any other recommendations?

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