Tips for Keeping Your Fitness Goals and Staying Motivated


For many, finding the motivation to continue towards a fitness goal can be difficult. Often people struggle with maintaining the goals they set and are distracted by other daily routines. Below are a few helpful tips to harness that motivation from the first workout and keep it until you finally reach your final goal.

1.      Make it a routine. Entering exercise into your daily routine will soon cause working out to feel natural. For some people this means waking up and checking it off as the first thing on your “to do list”. On the other hand, others prefer working out right after a stressful day at work. Find what fits best in your schedule and keep at it. You may be surprised when you find working out to be addictive; you may soon see it as necessary to your daily routine as brushing your teeth.


2.      Exercise with friends. For many people it is extremely helpful to find an accountability partner who keeps you focused. Working out with friends makes the gym a more appealing place as it can be seen as a social outing as well as a fitness center. Exercising with others also keeps you motivated as you can take part in some friendly competition or just have someone there to push you forward in achieving your goal. Sometimes, when multiple people are working towards the same goal together, incredible things can happen.


3.      Alternate your work out. Changing up your routine and trying new workouts can make the gym more exciting. One huge problem for gym patrons and people who exercise is the fact that their typical routine can get boring. By switching up your workout regimen, you can add a new aspect to each workout. If you don’t know of any other workouts to add to your routine, try researching them online or asking a trainer. For those who enjoy the treadmill or jogging outside, try running in new locations or trying different cardio routines. Sometimes change can be good, for you and your health.

4.      Enjoy what you do. If you dread going to the gym or going for a jog then chances are you probably won’t maintain your fitness goals. Discover routines that you enjoy doing and stick with those types of workouts. For some people this means switching from running on the treadmill to taking a cardio class. Find something you enjoy, even slightly, and stick with it. This may mean trying out everything the gym has to offer and deciding which option you like best. Do what you have to do to find the right routine and enjoy it. In the end, you will be much happier when you enjoy your routine and you will end up enjoying the results even more. You can even start rewarding yourself which may put that enjoyment that you need into your fitness routine.

5.      Use short term goals to achieve that ultimate goal. Fitness goals are often the most tough when it comes to keeping that motivation because the results are not always instant. In order to capture that motivation, create short term goals on the way to that ultimate, long term fitness goal. For some it may mean reaching a target weight, if this is the case then create “mini goals” for a short period of time, such as a week, while ultimately working toward that goal amount. For others the goal may be being able to lift a certain amount, start with a quarter of that amount, then half and so on. Whatever your goal may be, start with short term goals that you can attain quickly so your work is being paid off. It is never too late to achieve your goal, so focus on what it is you want and go get it. The finish line is simply waiting for you to cross it.

By Logan Blanton

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