The Eat Well, Live Well Challenge at Living Well


According to, “almost everyone needs to eat more fruits and vegetables”.  Fruits and vegetables are packed with important nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fiber, all of which are essential to a healthy lifestyle.  That is why we are holding our 4-week Living Well Fruit and Vegetable Challenge during the month of July! 

In order to promote the health benefits of fruit and vegetable consumption, you will track your fruit and vegetable intake during the month-long period.  Everything from dried to canned to juice to fresh fruits and vegetables count towards your total!  At the end of each week you will turn in your log to any Living Well staff member and your progress will be updated on our competition board.  If at the end of the month you’ve stuck to the program better than the rest, you’ll receive a prize to encourage you to keep up your new, healthier lifestyle!

The competition will kick off with some exciting events.  Come in to Living Well on June 27th (Breakfast @ 7-8am; Lunch @12-1pm; Dinner @5:30-6:30pm) to sample some delicious examples of ways to get your daily fruit and vegetable servings.  We will also have a seminar on nutrition on the 21st of June to help you prepare for the challenge.  We are looking forward to you signing up for the challenge on your way to building a better you!

For more information, please contact one of the following staff members:

Kathleen Ochipa-

Omar Fuentes-

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