The Glycemic Index

When deciding what to eat throughout the day, your consumption of sugar should be kept in check. Below are some everyday snacks that are deceivingly sweet.

Yoplait Yogurt, Strawberry (6 oz)

27 grams = 5.4 tsp

Coca Cola (12 oz)

39 grams = 7.8 tsp

Vitamin Water (8 oz)

13 grams = 2.6 tsp

Arizona Lemon Iced Tea (8 oz)

24 grams = 4.8 tsp

Craisins (40 g serving)

26 grams = 5.2 tsp

There isn’t a recommended daily amount for sugar, so everyone should keep their sugar consumption to a minimum. We do however need ‘sugar’ for our blood. This comes in the form of glucose, which is created from primarily the carbohydrates we eat. However, simple carbohydrates convert immediately into blood glucose, while the complex carbohydrates take longer to convert and result in a steadier release of glucose into the blood.  The Glycemic Index list foods in order from the most simple carbs (the highest numbers) to complex carbs (the lower numbers).

High Glycemic > 85 Medium Glycemic 60-85 Low Gylcemic <60
Glucose * Banana Fructose
Sucrose Grapes Dates
Syrup Oatmeal Figs
Honey Orange juice Applesauce
Bagel Pasta Ice cream
Candy Rice Milk
Molasses Corn Yogurt
Potatoes Baked beans Vegetable soups
Raisins Potato chips Fruit

Kreider Table 10.3

Kreider, R., Leutholtz, B.C., Katch, F. I., and Katch V. Exercise and Sports Nutrition Principles, Promises, Science, Recommendations.  2009

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