High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

When is the last time that you just couldn’t find the time to work out?  You might have had 20 minutes here, another 10 minutes there, but is that really enough time to get anything worthwhile done?  If you are willing to work a little harder than you’re used to, then you might find the answer in high intensity interval training.

HIIT for short, high intensity interval training has recently emerged as one of the most efficient ways to work out.  HIIT involves short bursts of high intensity activity that will challenge your cardiovascular system with short recovery periods in between.  This is going to be a lot more intense than your everyday workout, but much of the payoff comes from the time you save.  HIIT takes it a step further though, and boasts some impressive benefits apart from time management.

Dr. Martin Gibala, chairman of the Department of Kinesiology at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, is at the forefront of HIIT study.  One mind-blowing result of his research was a recent study that showed that 9 minutes per week of HIIT were able to replicate the same benefits as those gained from 5 hours per week of traditional endurance exercise!  On top of that, HIIT has been shown to be a great way to burn fat.

So now when you’re pressed for time during your busy day there are no excuses not to stay active!

If you would like to give HIIT a go, try this workout 3 times per week:

Warm Up

Work Interval (Maximum Intensity)

Recovery Period


Cool Down

Total Workout Time

3 min

30 sec

1 min

4 times

3 min

12 min

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