Time to Set Some Goals

Your word of wisdom for the week is: “Set Goals!”

Like everything else in life, sticking to a challenging exercise regimen requires both the desire and the ability to succeed. That desire is also known as “motivation”—is this a beneficial and worthwhile use of my time and energy?

Now we all know that exercise is worthwhile, but it is so tempting to skip an early morning workout when you’re tired or to go easy on yourself while working out. That’s where goals come in. Goals motivate you by giving you something to aim for. They also help you measure your progress in a tangible and meaningful way.

So set some goals today, and make sure they’re very specific.

Here are just a few examples of goals you could set:

  • Running a 10-minute mile.
    • Increase your speed by about 0.2 mph every couple of bouts until you achieve your goal.
    • Push-ups from your feet
      • Three days a week, do as many push-ups from your knees as you can until you achieve your goal.
      • Able to touch your toes
        • Every time you workout, do this stretch while your muscles are warm.

Best of luck with your goals, and feel free to get us involved in the adventure with you!

By: Katie Olson

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