Post Workout Meal/Snack: Choose Protein!

Protein doesn’t always have to be in the form of a protein shake but however you like to consume your protein, it is important right after you work out! By the time you leave the gym, get home or to work then shower it is too long before receiving your post workout protein. It should be consumed within 30 to 45 minutes after your workout to receive the benefits of muscle tissue growth and reducing muscular recovery time. Protein is important because they are the building blocks to produce muscle and are essential to protein synthesis so it only makes sense that we have to replace them to maintain a protein balance.

The most effective source of protein is whey protein, as opposed to other major sources, to help promote lean muscle tissue and increase strength. Whey protein provides the best source of branched chain amino acids that help your muscles repair quicker, boost metabolism, burn fat, and increase muscle gains both dynamically and isometrically so your muscles can reach their full potential. If you don’t want to supplement with whey protein it is still essential to receive a variety of other sources of protein from your diet. Plan ahead to have your protein ready after your workout and see what strength gains you receive! Get those blenders and coolers ready!

If you want to supplement with Whey protein just make sure it is 100% Whey. Research has shown that 0.8-1.5 grams per kilogram of your body is the proper dosage of whey protein to take for moderate fitness. A glass of milk is a source of about 20% whey protein. Go to a GNC or vitamin store for assistance on the proper whey supplement.

Other sources of great protein after exercise:  low fat dairy milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, eggs, soy, chicken, fish, beans/legumes and nuts.

By: Kristy Berg

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