“You can change who you are by changing what you say when you talk to your mind.”

Mind Over Matter

Ever hit the snooze button in the morning, trying to delay your trip to the gym? Maybe you even spend the entire day debating the idea of working out at all.  Lacking the motivation to be active stems from an internal mental adversary, one you must overcome in the journey to attaining a healthy lifestyle. Setting concrete goals, persevering through struggles, and going the extra mile will reap benefits you never dreamed possible, both in and out of the gym.

Yet how do you suddenly ignite a passion to not only pinpoint your weaknesses, but take them on headfirst? How do you instill the dedication to continue training, even when your muscles ache and your hectic schedule looms before you? How do you find the inspiration to constantly compete…with yourself?

One of the first steps in the quest for self-improvement is building on ‘self-talk’: your image of personal abilities and limitations.

The motivation to conquer fitness goals isn’t merely inherent; your self-talk is how you view yourself, your abilities, and your limitations all through the thoughts in your mind. Through successful workouts you can enhance this trait in order to accomplish tasks and overcome obstacles that you had never thought possible.  This potent mental skill results in the ability to formulate and achieve your goals—inside the gym and out—with consistency and grace. The natural extensions of positive self-talk can be optimistic energy, mental toughness and determined spirits evident in physical accomplishments.  So try to build your self-talk in order to help build your mental and physical sides as well as an all-around better you.

By: Ean Phillips

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