Why Zumba?

Physiological Benefits

Improved cardiovascular health- lower risk of heart and coronary disease

Huge calorie and fat burner

Weight loss with an improved energy level

Zumba meets guidelines for improving

cardiovascular fitness and maintaining a healthy body weight

Improved cognitive function -learning new steps and moves

Improved mood and coordination

Improved motor control and performance -practice makes perfect!

Total body toning- works every muscle and joint

Improved bone density

Great stress relief

Improved ability to perform pain-free activities of daily life

Improved range of motion -overall strength and flexibility and balance

Works for all ages!

Psychological Benefits

Improved general feeling of well being

Empowered & enhanced quality of life

Enhanced Relaxation

Reduced depression, stress, anxiety

Enhanced self esteem

Amazing results

Group exercise- social interaction

Great music

Dance and Fitness/Wellness combined

Fun for everyone

DANCE moves! Of all kinds- learn the dance steps of the salsa, merengue, cha cha, mambo, cumbia, calypso, belly dance and rock & roll

Keeps you coming back

Adapted for any fitness level

Goes by fast- keep your body active!

Stay healthy!


Come check out our Zumba classes offered Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30pm!!!!

By:Kristen Berg

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