Winter Workout Wear

If you enjoy being physically active outdoors, don’t let the approaching winter months keep you stuck inside! It is important to know the proper way to dress as the temperature drops. Here are a few tips to consider when preparing for your outdoor workout:

  • Wear something to protect your head and possibly your face from the cold. You can wear a warm beanie or a head band that protects your ears as well as a scarf to cover your face partially if weather is colder than usual.
  • Remember you can always take clothes off if it gets too warm so layer up!! Also make sure that your outer later is water resistant to keep you dry.
  • Do not wear cotton. Instead wear clothing that is made of wool, polypropylene, or Thinsulate that will keep your body heat from escaping.
  • Wear wool socks.
  • Wear waterproof shoes.
  • Wear mittens instead of gloves. Wearing mittens allows your hands to make a fist just in case you are trying to warm up your fingers.

By: Heather Coffman

Source: WebMD

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