American Diabetes Month

If you or anyone you know has Diabetes, you know what a burden it can be in many aspects of your and their lives. The month of November is a time to raise awareness of the disease in order to help prevent and hopefully one day stop this unfortunate disease that has almost 26 million children and adults in America living with it. There is also an estimated 79 million Americans that are in high risk of developing type 2 Diabetes. What many Americans aren’t aware of is Diabetes alone kills more people each year than breast cancer and AIDS combined. Therefore November offers Americans the opportunity to raise awareness to stop the rising numbers of people with Diabetes. The American Diabetes Association is rallying individuals, communities and organizations all over the country to take a pledge and raise their hand up to put a STOP against Diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes which consumes the lives of about 80-90% of the diabetic population can easily be prevented by living an active and healthy lifestyle. Aerobic exercise can increase insulin sensitivity therefore reducing the risk of obtaining the disease. By adding exercise and proper nutrition into your everyday life, it will restore the body’s normal glucose metabolism helping to reduce body fat which for many is the cause of type 2 Diabetes.

UF is doing its part to help raise awareness by offering blood sugar and A1C screenings on November 17th and 18th as well as a lighting ceremony at Century Tower. If you are interested in these events or being a part of an organization to help raise awareness please visit


Written by: Heather Coffman


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