When’s the best time to work out?

The mystery of what time is best to workout remains. But recent studies show that there is no best answer to this is question. There are pro’s and con’s to working out early in the day as well as working out late in the day. Based on your needs, you can pick which works best for you.

Morning exercise pros:

-Getting an early start to your day by working out before breakfast has its benefits.
– The body’s metabolism will be boosted for the entire day if you exercise before breakfast.
– Working out early also increases mental acuity and gives you a feeling of long lasting energy for several hours after the workout due to the rush of adrenaline and endorphins that results from exercise.
– If you like to exercise outdoors, working out in the morning is best due to the reduced pollution and lower temperatures at that
time of day.
– Studies show that an early workout influences eating habits for the rest of the day. If you get your workout out of the way early,
you are more likely to choose healthy meals and snack.
– In the morning you have more energy than you would after a long day of work.

Morning exercise Cons:

Workout out in the morning also has its downfalls.

-Muscles and joints are more rigid in the morning, making the body more prone to injury at that time.
– If you are not a morning person, getting yourself into a routine in the morning can be difficult especially if you are waking up earlier to exercise but not going to bed earlier.
– The body needs fuel to exercise however; many people who exercise in the morning do not eat prior to the workout. This depletes the body’s energy reserves leading to a rapid loss of energy. If you are one of those people who cannot eat before working out, you are better off exercising later in the day once you have had a meal.

Afternoon exercise pros:

-Your body has fueled up from breakfast and lunch, so there is energy to burn.
– Muscles and joints have been warmed up as the body temperature rises throughout the day, reducing stiffness and chance of injury.
–  You can get that energy boost you need just as you are getting tired later in the day.

Afternoon exercise cons:

-As the day progresses, motivation to workout decrease for most people. When you leave your workout for the end of the day, you run the risk of getting “too busy” or any other myraid of excuses that can come up.
– Working out too late can result in an energy boost that gives you too much energy making it difficult to sleep.
– Having to work out in the afternoon can be difficult to squeeze in especially if you work. This can result in you having to cut the
workout short, reducing the benefits of exercise.

The bottom line is, there is no best time to work out. Pick a time that fits best with your schedule and allows you to maximize the
benefits of exercising.

-Erica Gomer



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