Warming Up

Are you one of those people who jump straight into lifting and strenuous exercise as soon as you get to the gym? If the answer is yes, then this is for you. Many people are so eager to begin their workout that they skip the warm up. But as you finish reading hopefully next time you hit the gym you’re going to want to take a few extra minutes and warm up.

Why Warm-up?

It gets the body ready for the physical exertion that follows, enabling the body to cope more easily with the activity.

It reduces the risk of injury (cold muscles and joints do not stretch very easily) and it reduces the risk of premature fatigue which can occur if the cardiovascular system is unprepared for strenuous activity.

It prepares the cardio-respiratory system for increased activity and reduces the risk of excess stress being placed on the heart.

How to warm-up

Loosening Exercises- A typical warm-up may involve some ‘loosening exercises’ followed by a few minutes of low-impact aerobic activity and stretching. 5-15minutes of this will prepare the body for the exercise that follows.

Loosening exercises may include walking, running in place, jump rope, or jumping jacks.

If you are not regularly active these are especially important to prevent injury!

Cardio- It is important to engage in some exercise prior to the workout that will increase the heart rate and amp up muscles. A few minutes of brisk walking, jogging, cycling, elliptical etc. will get the job done. These activities should be regulated based on the intensity of the workout that will follow.

It is very important to gradually increase your heart rate during the warm up phase. So do not hop on a machine and increase the intensity, speed or resistance drastically (you do not want to be exhausted and out of breath before the workout even starts).

Stretching- make sure to gently stretch all muscles, especially those that are being targeted in your workout after you’re warmed up. This will prepare the joints as well as the muscles and help prevent injury during the workout and soreness after the workout.

Now you may begin your workout!

By: Erica
Source: Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/933514

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