Liquid Fuel

After burning fuel at the gym, replenishing those lost reserves is crucial regardless of the level of intensity of your workout. For those who do not hydrate throughout the exercise routine, it is important to replenish those lost fluids. And if you do drink water during your workout, which you should, it is recommended that you drink 8 ounces more of water for every 15 minutes of exercise.

Post-workout drinks

A good way to replenish the body’s fluids as well as proteins and carbohydrates, is by drinking a glass of juice. Fruits and vegetables naturally contain sugars, so a natural juice with not too much added sugar proves to be a good post-workout drink. Juices also contain carbohydrates, electrolytes and amino acids, which help the muscles recover after a workout.

If you are a fan of Gatorade, or other sports drinks, you can replace lost electrolytes and carbs, boost your energy levels and help muscles recover more quickly and efficiently. If you’re not hungry after your workout, a sports drink will replace lost carbs and keep blood sugar levels stable.

If you are into smoothies, the combination of yogurt and fruit is a great post workout drink. The natural sugars in fruits will help restore glycogen levels in the muscles and replace lost carbs. Most yogurts contain protein and fat, both of which will help repair muscles and reduce inflammation. Fruits high in potassium, such as bananas, are a good choice for smoothies as they help prevent muscle cramping and stiffness.  And the great thing about smoothies is they can be made at home!

If you are looking for a high protein drink, make a protein shake. Muscles breakdown during exercise but muscle growth can be stimulated by drinking a protein shake after a workout. Nutritionist Danielle LaFata recommends ingesting anywhere from 15 to 30 grams of protein post workout, depending on the intensity of your session. Protein powders such as maca, soy and whey are readily available at most nutrition stores or even at many gyms.

Let’s not forget the importance of water. If you are not drinking the recommended 8 ounces during your workout, it is very important to rehydrate after the workout. The best way to gauge how much water you need in order to replenish the lost fluids is by weighing yourself pre and post workout. For every pound lost, drink 16 to 20 ounces of water.

Fluids are necessary to maintain regular body functions. Staying healthy is not just about hitting the gym because without the proper fluids after a workout, you could be doing your body more harm than good.

Story by: Erica

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  1. This is a cool page! How long have you been blogging?

    • Thank you! We started the page back at the end of August as a resourse to our members, so we haven’t been blogging for not too long. But we’re glad you enjoy and hope you keep reading!

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